Published Papers

  • Integrating information in the brain’s EM field: the cemi field theory of consciousness Johnjoe McFadden
  • Mathematical Models of Consciousness
    Johannes Kleiner
  • Can quantum physics help solve the hard problem of consciousness? A hypothesis based on entangled spins and photons
    Christoph Simon
  • Modelling of consciousness and interpretation of quantum mechanics
    Éric Merle
  • The “Hard Problem” of Life
    Sara Imari Walker, Paul C.W. Davies
  • Consciousness and the Problem of Quantum Measurement
    Chris Allen Broka
  • Quantum features of consciousness, computers and brain
  • Michael B. Mensky
  • The Emergence of Consciousness in the Quantum Universe
    Xiaolei Zhang
  • Consciousness and the Quantum
    Don N. Page
  • Consciousness as a State of Matter
    Max Tegmark
  • A unified framework for information integration based on information geometry
    Masafumi Oizumi, Naotsugu Tsuchiya, Shun-ichi Amari