Consciousness in the physical world

Physics of the observer series:

Physics of the Observer – Cosmology
Reliable observers in the multiverse:
Physics of the Observer – A discussion on Quantum Physics
OBSERVERS Classical vs Quantum
What Exists and What Happens: The Role of the Observer – Prof. Raphael Bousso

The Role of the Observer – Prof. Yasunori Nomura

Physics of the observer – Quantum Physics – Prof. Bill Poirier


The Multiverse

The Multiverse – Part 1: Introduction & Misconceptions

The Multiverse – Part 2


Misconceptions about LHC

Misconceptions about LHC Part 1:
Misconceptions about LHC Part 2:


Misconceptions about Quantum Physics

Misconception about Quantum Physics slides


Past Events

Clarifying theoretical physics & cosmology misconceptions
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Date: Thursday, July 9, 2015

Time: 1:30 PM – 5:00 PM

Speakers: Professor Yasunori Nomura, Professor William Poirier, and Professor John Terning

Topics: Misconceptions about Quantum Physics, Multiverse Cosmology, Particle Physics, and Space-Time.

Free to the public

Location: Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkeley

Book Series

Debunking Common Misconceptions in Theoretical Physics

Quantum Physics, Mini Black Holes, and the Multiverse

Debunking Common Misconceptions in Theoretical Physics

Authors: Nomura, Yasunori, Poirier, Bill, Terning, John
Editors: Nekoogar, Farzad (Ed.)

Cosmic Update

Cosmic Update

Dark Puzzles. Arrow of Time. Future History

Adams, Fred, Buchert, Thomas, Mersini-Houghton, Laura, Nekoogar, Farzad (Founding Ed.) ISBN 978-1-4419-8293-3.

Multiversal Journeys

Extra Dimensions in Space and Time

Bars, Itzhak, Terning, John, Nekoogar, Farzad (Founding Ed.) 2010, ISBN 978-0-387-77637-8.

The meant-to-inspire books in this series are designed for scientifically literate non-specialists who want to know the latest discoveries in theoretical physics and cosmology in a non-technical language. The level of presentation is appropriate for readers with basic undergraduate background in modern physics and quantum mechanics. More

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